The Projects implemented by the Association



The first Project of Association was conducted  in 2001-2002`s. In the World Competition announced by the Government of France “Human rights and disability”, where were submitted more than 200 Projects from 48 countries, has won our Association. It became 2001 year winner in the field of human rights protection. Members of Association were invited in order to attend the Award Ceremony at French National Assembly, where the Prime Minister of France  - Lionel Jospin awarded the Association with a Gold Medal. 

By the received money was opened Computer Learning Center. The training was ongoing by means of Special Sound Software Program - Jaws for Windows, Russian version. During the course, students expressed a strong desire and demand for Georgian  version of such Audio texts Software. Within the Project framework, 80 blind and visually impaired people completed the Computer Learning courses.  It is to be mentioned, that after graduating some of them were employed.



2. In 2003 Association took participation in the Competition of Educational Program announced by the Foundation  “Open Society – Georgia”, as a result of which was financed the Project “Georgian Audio texts Synchronizing Software”.  

In the frames of Project for the first time in Georgia was created  Georgian Audio texts Synchronizing Software “BU”, which has ability to read Georgian  books  placed in Computer memory. By such means the blind user is given opportunity  to communicate with computer on his or her native language. In addition, the functions of “BU” Software includes Word`s simple functions, which are: creation and saving of files, text typing, correction, printing.  The Software has two modes: writing and reading. In reading mode User is able to navigate in the text.

By the implementation of an above-mentioned Project was solved one of the main problems of blind people, such as computer writing and reading accessibility in Georgian language. Blind user was given the opportunity to create a written document, which has also become acceptable for sighted people (the document created in different Braille,  which can read only experts of Braille). Has been removed the exchange barrier between blind and sighted people.



3. 2004  year – by  Foundation “Mercy Corps – was performed an opening of Reading Hall  for blind people and recording of Audio books.

By using Georgian Audio texts Synchronizing Software “BU” on February,  2004  at National Parliamentary Library of Georgia  was opened  the Reading Hall for blind people. The Hall was equipped with 3 modern computers and one music centre. And the Library fund was regularly filled with a classic and modern literature. There were conducted Contracts with some Publishers, which allocated the electronic versions of newly published books for Library. At that time, the fund consisted of several hundred library copies.

By the same Project was also created Audio Books Recording Studio.  By synchronizing of Professional artists was recorded Georgian modern, classic and foreign literature.  Totally has been created up to 100 audio books on CD.



4. In 2004 as a result of winning  in Small Grants Competition announced by  the World Bank  was financed the functioning of Reading Hall for Blind people.  

Under the Project has been prolonged the works started in the previous Project. Has been increased the activity of using the Reading Hall for Blinds. Along with this was increasing the electronic books fund. In the frame of conditions for usage of Reading Hall, besides, that Blind readers could read books and improved their knowledge, also could gain the basic skills in communication with PC.



5. In 2005  – the Fund “CARTU” financed the Project “The expansion of Audio books of the Library for Blinds and the Programme of assurance of transportation for Blind readers”.  

One of the difficulties in Blind people`s life  is a problem of  independent transportation, especially in our country, where there are no created an appropriate conditions. By the reason of such problem  the visually impaired people are deprived of lots of such benefits, which use sighted person and  is considered as the common occurrence. For example, Blind person is not able to use the Library without any Guide person.  This problem was solved anyhow by providing Blind readers with car servicing. Although, a big problem could not be solved totally, but within a year was implemented the serving of 400 different people.   It was revealed an active group of readers who daily enjoyed the Library.

Also by the Project was to be implemented the recording of two audio books. There was added also 51  new books, which were stipulated for Visually impaired readers, both for using in  the Library and  at home.

The Electronic Books Fund was filled with  additional 110 works.



6. In 2005  - The Ministry of Culture, Sports and  Monuments Protection of Georgia financed  the opening of “The Reading Hall for Blind people of Kutaisi State Scientific-Universal Library”.

The Association adopted Georgian Audio Software “BU” in the Library and  granted the Fund with more than 500 Audio books. The Employees of Kutaisi Library and Blind readers were conducted a one-week training course for familiarization with  “BU” Software.   



7. 2006 year – Tender announced by the Ministry of Labour, Healthcare and Social Affairs of Georgia won our Association and Abkhazia Blinds and Deaf-And-Dumb Union “HERA”.  Was implemented the Joint Project, in the frames of which were printed 130 volumes of  Braille font books and was recorded an Audio literature on 175 CDs.

Braille font books and Audio CDs  were distributed to the different libraries of Georgia.  



8. 2006 year – The Embassy of Lithuania financed the opening of Computer class  at Tbilisi # 202 school for Blind and Visually Impaired children.  At the study of Informatics were installed 3 moderns computers, in which was recorded Georgian Audio Software “BU”.  The students were conducted for 2-3 day training programme and all of them received the  instructions by the above-mentioned programme.



9. 2007 year – by the financing of  UNESCO was performed the Project “ Computer Learning Trainings for  Blind people”. By this Project the Association renewed the functioning of Computer Learning Center. One month trainings were also conducted for the Blind pupils of   School #202 .  In total  the course was completed  by 72 students.



10. 2009 year – the Embassy of Switzerland financed the Project  - “Window to the World”   

Getting Education under the modern conditions and finding of necessary information without Internet is impossible. This problem was very severe for Blind people. It is true, that by means of “BU” Software has been solved writing and reading   problem for Blind people, but Internet access was still impossible for them. Under the Project  at the first time was created an Audio Sync Software “INTERBU”  for Georgian websites, which gave the opportunity for Blind people to become members of GLOBAL NET.  Was also created  the adapted dubbed versions of E-mail and Skype. By the Project was finally solved the problem of access to information and communication with people via Internet for Georgian Blind people.  



11. 2011 year – the Fund  “Open Society –Georgia” financed the Project “The way from marginalization  to integration” .  The Project aimed to expand  and improve the Package of Georgian Audio Software  in order to achieve  high-degree independent work  on computer  for Blind People, also the supplying of created software product for a wide layer of Blind  contingent.

Under the Project was created the Software “BU”`s  improved version  “BU-2”, for which  were added lots of functions, was also improved “INTERBU”  and created  the File Control Manager –  Software “Filer Manager”, so that every Georgian Blind user could use the adapted audio versions of    Word, Windows, Internet and Skype.

In order to make this product available for more Blind people   Association   installed  the Computer Audio Software  in Parliamentary Library of Georgia, National Scientific Library of Georgia, in Libraries of  Kutaisi, Telavi, Zugdidi, Gori, Batumi, Signagi, Gurjaani, Rustavi, Mtskheta, Borjomi, Poti and at #202  Tbilisi Boarding school for Blinds. The vast majority of blind people living in Georgia use the given Software.

Along with the Software package  all Libraries were transferred  more than 2000 electronic version of  copies.  The Employees of  the Library and Blind people were held  a one-week Library and Blind readers were conducted a one-week training for familiarization with  the programmes and were transferred  the Programme`s exploitation  instructions.

One-month training was  conducted at Association`s  Learning Center for the persons interested in  learning computers  and  for  the upperclassmen  of  School # 202.  Totally the Packaged Audio Software  was studied  by 87 Blind people.






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