1.         The integration of Blind people into society


Due to the situation of blind people, as they are less capable for  physical work, they should be engaged in mental work. Here in our Association they will be given the power to achieve a great success. The perfect examples of that are: Homer, Borges, Ray Charles, the mathematician  Pontriagin, Philosopher Losev and others. Consequently, the way of their integration into society is running through the mental work and knowledge systems.


2. The creation of atmosphere and conditions for self-realization of blind people  by the development of writing system by Louis Braille was the progressive phenomenon  of that time, but it creates a peculiar isolation: this system can be used only by experts of Braille. It could not be applied between sighted and blind people. At the same time this system does not give the opportunity for Blinds to read the books, to get acquainted with knowledge system and information, which are created for sighted people.  This will cause their retardation  and  shall become the reason of their marginalization. So an essential condition for the integration of people with vision problems is to create such atmosphere, which gives the opportunity for  visually impaired people to use independently  the information aimed for the sighted people, also  be able to spread blind person`s  own information  for sighted people in their acceptable form, in other words, to read and  write as well as the sighted  people.

The creation of such environment and conditions will help in blind person`s intellectual  development, to get broad education, to become Professional of his or her  craft  and to be employed and ultimately to integrate in life.

As the main way of integration for blind people is a mental work, and computer is the necessary tool for modern mental workers, that`s why people with vision problems should work on it as well as sighted people. It should be noted that working on computers by itself causes the integration of Blind person into society. The computer is a good communication tool between broad masses of people, as for the dissemination of own created information, as well as  the finding and extracting of the information created by other people.


3. The development of Georgian Adapted Audio Software  for blind people


It is convenient for Blind people of any nationalities to communicate in their native language by means of computer. Of course, for Georgian blind people is necessary to have Audio Software Program in Georgian language and to  implement it in practice.


4.         The improvement of computer skills level for blind people


Association shall implement this aim by means of Computer learning courses  and  by setting up of the Practical Guidance for Blind people.


5.         The creation of Electronic Library Fund


It shall include wide profile books: feature, historical, philosophical, religious, scientific, ethnological, geographic and other literature.    


6. The creation of Audio books


Audio books are very useful because it can be read in any environment and situation.


7. Rights Protection of blind people


The equal convenience of environment, information and communications technologies for  blind people`s independent living and their full participation in all spheres of life, the elimination of existed obstacles and barriers.


8. Psychological assistance and removal of Inferiority complex


The practical implementation of this strategy  shall give the opportunity for  blind people to feel themselves as valuable members of the society, to assert their inner faith, to feel  happiness and  joy of self-affirmation.

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